Submission: Not A Euphemism for Slavery

Submission: Not A Euphemism for Slavery
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Submission, that’s not a word most women want hanging around their heads. The average woman strongly believes that ‘submission’, as portrayed in the Bible, is a fitting word for a life of self-denial and servitude to men. What about you? Do you believe that submission is just a silent word for slavery? I don’t.

Not a euphemism for slavery

Why are you single and if you’re in a relationship, would you ever consider getting married? That’s something to think about.

That’s a straight up no for many women. Why? They view marriage as a means or an arrangement to ‘serve’ or condescend to the wiles of their husbands.

I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

Yes, submission is encouraged in a marriage, but most people conveniently leave out how a marriage should be governed. Once the initial purpose of marriage is kept or mates live according to how they’re expected to live, submission does not need to be slavery.

“Husbands should love their wives as their own bodies”

That statement is quite self-explanatory. To elaborate, however, so that you can come to qualms, that statement is showing the extent to which a husband should love his wife. Ask any man (those sound in mind, of course) and they’ll tell you, if they love themselves, they’re willing to go to grave lengths to make themselves happy. Please correct me in the comments if I’m overstepping.

If a man loves himself, he’ll not abuse himself, maybe banging his head against a wall. If a man loves himself, he’ll work hard to care for his physical, emotional, psychological, and physical needs.

To get to the point, if a man loves his wife as himself, he’ll not abuse her physically (nor emotionally), nor neglect her entire well being. Am I making sense? Maybe…?

So… How does this apply to submission? Duh…that’s simple. A husband who loves his wife as himself, will govern his household in a loving way. That means his headship will not be harsh, burdensome, or autocratic. In exchange, his wife will not find it difficult or condescending to submit because she knows he has her best interest at heart.

What about slaving away at home? That’s quite elementary, also. The same principle mentioned above applies. If a man loves his wife, he’ll let his reasonableness be known. Simply put, he’ll show his woman consideration. Are you with me?

A typical scenario: John realizes that his wife is quite exhausted from the day’s affairs. Instead of pushing her into the kitchen, he kindly asks her to rest. His consideration is also shown in teamwork. He helps his woman around the home, instead of insisting that it’s her burden to bear.

I could go on and on, but I do believe I’ve made my point. Marriage is not an arrangement where the man pushes around the woman or vice versa. Once governed by love, submission is definitely possible in a marriage and not a decorated reference to slavery.

For all the women who fear submission, my advice to you is to marry a God-fearing man. No, I didn’t say perfect, so please expect mistakes. Applying God’s principles never fail, people do.

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