Nervousness – Foods For The Nervous System

Nervousness – Foods For The Nervous System
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What is Nervousness?

Nervousness is a state in which the nervous system reacts disproportionately to what seems to be natural stimulants when in an agitated state.

Drugs, though seemingly produce temporary relief, aggravates the nervous system and cause nervousness. Coffee, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, are among the foremost stimulants of nervousness.

To combat nervousness, develop a healthy habit of:

*Eating a decent breakfast to elude hypoglycemia.
*Eating at regular hours. Don’t skip meals.
*Getting adequate rest.
*Exercising regularly.

Foods to Increase to Allay Nervousness

Passion Fruit

Brazil Nut




Wheat germ


Pine Nuts




Sunflower Seeds

Green Pea



Foods to Decrease to Avoid Nervousness

Caffeine: Irritates the nervous system and incites nervousness.
Alcoholic Beverages:

Alcoholic beverages contain ethylic alcohol which is harmful to nerve cells.

White Sugar: 

Once nervousness is caused by hypoglycemia, using a small amount of sugar might cause a calming effect. However,
too much produces hyperactivity and nervousness.

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