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Deal with Money Problems in Marriage Without Going Crazy

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Dealing with serious money problems in marriage is no easy task, but it’s a possible hurdle to jump over.  The contents of this article highlight practical things you can do to contend with serious financial problems.


The romance was everything.

You got along so well with your spouse, but then it happened.

You both started gnawing at each other; once healthy, upbuilding conversations turned into insults and disparaging comments, and the overwhelm of it all is not only difficult but sucks the life out of you and your relationship daily.

Money problems in marriage is a tough coaster to ride and, is in fact, the bane of many unions.

You love your family and want to continue with your spouse, but the financial stress of it all is overwhelming. How can you deal with serious financial problems and save your home?

Consider 10 practical ways to put your money issues to rest and deal with serious financial problems when they arise.

money problems in a marriage

How to Deal with Money Problems in Marriage

Whether you’re newly married or have been going at it for years, serious financial problems can creep into your marriage and cause havoc. It’s not an easy situation to deal with, and especially if you’re the sole provider, money problems in marriage might make it difficult to show warmth and affection to your mate.

Money problems in marriage won’t disappear with the blinking of an eye, but you and your mate can put things in place to live within one’s means or get additional help where possible. Let’s jump right into the heart of things and see what’s available to deal with money issues.

Identify Why There’s a Financial Problem - Money problems in a marriage

Identify Why There’s a Financial Problem

At this stage of things, it’s wise to discuss with your mate how the family got into serious financial problems. Did the breadwinner lose his job without due warning? Were an extra pair of hands and feet added to the family? Is the family spending more than it’s earning?

Is there only a sole provider in the family who’s finding it challenging to care for its growing needs?

The possibilities are endless.

So many factors could contribute to money problems in marriage.

The objective here is to identify what gave birth to the crisis. Once serious dialogue is established about the cause of the problem, you both can proceed and find workable options to kill these serious financial problems.

 CREATE A BUDGET TO HIGHLIGHT PRIORITIES - Money problems in a marriage

Create a Budget to Highlight Priorities

Creating a budget doesn’t vaporize money problems in marriage, but it does provide clarity and insight.

In hindsight, it helps you put what the family is carrying in as finances, against your expenses.

A budget may also help you analyze your priorities. With discipline, you and your spouse could demonstrate self-control, and ensure that important utilities and bills are settled, before throwing money at non-essentials.

A budget keeps the family focused on spending money on what’s important.

But, as is probably obvious, a budget without self-control is useless.

LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS - Money problems in a marriage

Live Within Your Means

A swift way to plunge into more money problems in marriage is to spend what you don’t make.

Sounds far-fetched, right?

It isn’t.

To live within your means is to spend what you have or can afford to spend.

Don’t splurge on items with a credit card when you know you won’t be able to settle the payments, especially in a timely fashion.

If you have serious financial problems, don’t expect to eat every single meal out with hopes that your situation will work itself out. Live within your means, and that entails getting groceries and fixing your own meals that home.

Also, don’t go splurging on designer items and labels. Select clothing and accessories that get the job done, not to woo onlookers and make a statement.

Maintaining a simple lifestyle works wonders and will help you to accomplish living within your means. Don’t play rich, just to go broke.


Create a Plan to Pay off Debts

Debts are a top source of money problems in marriage. Did your serious financial problems stem from having loans stacked upon loans?

This is a precarious situation to be in.

Are you struggling with student loans?

Did you secure a vehicle that you haven’t been able to settle?

Is the mortgage a pain in the buttocks?

Do you have stacks of credit card loans to deal with?

You and your spouse know what debts you need to take care of.

Why not sit with your mate and create a practical plan that will help you pay off your debts.

A word of caution is to avoid accumulating debts while you settle old ones. That means, it’s probably not a good idea to go into debt to pay off another debt. It really defeats the purpose of fixing money problems in marriage, not patch it up.


Identify Ways to Reduce Expenses

While you work your butt off to avoid accumulating debts when settling old ones, avoiding unnecessary expenses is important.

Could you live without a Netflix or Hulu subscription until your financial conundrum passes? This subscription might not seem like much, but every dollar counts when your back is against the wall.  

Could you do without cable?

Your monthly gym membership isn’t essential. There are various other ways to workout at home and stay fit, so don’t think you need one.

Do you smoke? That can be thrown out, too. It’s not a pleasant, healthy habit after all.

Do you use a cellphone plan? Can it be reduced?

Do you also do a lot of takeout and delivery meals?

You may also reduce expenses by shopping when items go on sale, instead of having to pay full cost for things. Taking care of what you already have at home is a good way to reduce having to buy new items, unless it’s necessary. Reducing unnecessary expenses is a crucial way to fixing money problems in marriage.


Sell Items You Don’t Need to Earn a Bit of Cash

You and your spouse likely have items sitting around that you don’t need catching dust. The longer you’ve been married, the more you’ll likely have to go around.

Could you sell a few items to earn a bit, just to cover monthly expenses or pay off a few debts?

Do you have stacks of books that you could let go without regrets?

How about decluttering by getting rid of pieces of furniture and appliances?

Do you have unused toys at home that your children have gone through and won’t miss?

Start moving things around and you’ll be surprised at what you can find and sell, even in online spaces.


Resist the Urge to Buy Items you Don’t Need

This could fall hand in hand with expense reduction, but reiterating the point is important. Resisting the urge to buy and accumulate new things is hard. It’s especially difficult when you have friends and other relatives who are hoarders and keep buying things on impulse.

You could fall into this trap.

When you go out or run errands, could you leave your credit cards behind?

When grocery shopping, why not prepare a list in advance of necessities? This way, you stay on budget and avoid purchasing items in the moment, or when approached by convincing salespersons.

If you’re a shopaholic or recovering, avoid walking by favorite shopping areas or browsing items on Amazon. Why put yourself in a situation that makes it easy for you to grab your credit cards and start shopping?

Gratitude and contentment are forces to reckon with. When you’re grateful and content with what you have, you’ll resist the urge to buy unimportant commodities.


Get a Side Hustle or Do Odd Jobs

Many individuals are earning through a side hustle to help with serious financial problems at home.

A side hustle is especially beneficial if you or your spouse stays home to care for the kids. Why not explore what online has to offer?

Many individuals are now earning a few extra dollars (and sometimes thousands) each week from a home office or a couch.

Can you write and research articles? Do you have a passion for craft and design? Why not open a shop on Etsy and offer items people are willing to pay for? Do you have a teaching background? Why not teach people English who are thousands of miles away?

Do you have a knack for makeup or haircare? Why not learn about how you can make money with YouTube and sponsors?

There’s something out there for everyone. If you’re serious about fixing your money problems, you’ll keep researching your options and jump right in.


Get a Full-Time Job

Yes, get a full-time job. This is advised if a single person is bearing all the financial burdens at home.

Could you or your spouse seek gainful employment in an establishment, full-time?

The cost of living is super high in some countries. If it has gotten difficult to survive on a single budget, it’s best if you and your mate work to support each other.

Getting a job might prove difficult, to begin with, especially if you’ve been out of work for some time, but it’s not impossible. Keep sending out those applications and stay positive.

Money problems in marriage might seem long and drawn-out, but they don’t have to be forever.


Create a Plan to Get the Entire Family On Board

A marriage involves a couple. Oftentimes, however, children are involved. It’s important that the entire family bear these issues together. That means, at any time, a husband or wife won’t feel burdened and alone.

Attack these problems as a unit.

Don’t leave your children in the dark, especially if they’re old enough to understand the situation.

In fact, when they do know what’s going on, they’re sensitized to the situation and won’t feel neglected when you say “no” to certain items they request or hold back on gifts.

When everyone is on board, dealing with money problems in marriage will likely become less stressful.

How to Solve Money Issues in a Marriage

Dealing with serious financial problems in your relationship will take time to address, but it’s possible. You and your mate need to be willing to do what’s necessary to fix the problem and start enjoying life.

With consideration for those who are busy and would like a quick rundown of how to deal with money issues in a relationship, find below the 10 practical ideas that were considered in the article.

1.     Identify Why There’s a Financial Problem

2.    Create a Budget to Highlight Priorities

3.    Live Within Your Means

4.    Create a Plan to Pay off Debts

5.    Identify Ways to Reduce Expenses

6.    Sell Items You Don’t Need to Earn a Bit of Cash

7.    Resist the Urge to Buy Items you Don’t Need

8.    Get a Side Hustle or Do Odd Jobs

9.    Get a Full-Time Job

10.  Create a Plan to Get the Entire Family Onboard

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