Children Aren’t Super Human, But Here’s What You Can Learn From Them

Children Aren’t Super Human, But Here’s What You Can Learn From Them
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Children,  aren’t they adorable?!  If you’re a parent or an avid observer of kids,  you’ll realize they’re “more than meets the eyes”. Yes,  children are beyond their tantrums, messing nature, and 21 questions.

Candidly,  children are those exemplary models adults on a whole can learn from. In fact,  children seemingly exhibit these characteristics better than the typical adult. How can adults learn from children? Here are a few ways in which adults are actually schooled by kids.  

1. Willingness to learn

Sure,  they do get a tad annoying,  but if you do look behind those questions,  you’d realize they actually want to learn; they’re curious. “Why is the sky blue?” or “Who taught the birds to sing?” they might ask.  

It’s just a part of their nature.  They want to know how things work,  or at least their origin. Diametrically opposed,  most adults stop asking those important questions in life. If they’re not entirely informed about a particular situation,  they prefer to cast a blind eye,  for fear of embarrassment and humiliation.

Life is all about learning. It’s OK to admit that,  as old and experienced as you are,  you’re not privy to everything on the books. Ask questions. Once you keep knocking or searching for answers to those important questions, such as “What’s the purpose of life?” or “What are the keys to genuine happiness?” you’re bound to find answers worth delving into.  

Wouldn’t it be sagacious to imitate children in asking questions,  even if it might induce some form of embarrassment?

2. Their lack of partiality

Do you notice that unless a parent point blank scolds their child(ren) into avoiding other kids,  they pretty much talk and rally around anyone?  Yup,  children aren’t prejudiced,  unless socialized that way. They are friendly with every and anyone and are even willing to share their snack with strangers.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if adults were to put aside their differences and accept everyone, regardless of their race,  culture, or socio-economic backgrounds?

Truly,  adults can learn to put aside prejudice and discrimination,  while observing how children react to each other.

3. Willingness to forget and let go

Children don’t understand”, you might add, but that doesn’t deter or stop them from exhibiting warm attributes.  It’s quite amusing watching kids fuss,  only to see them make up in the blink of an eye.  Yes,  they suck at holding grudges.  

Adults, on the other hand,  are great accountants, for they record every single ounce of offense,  even those unintentional.

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Holding grudges do not add a cubit to your life span;  it kills you. Like children,  learn to forgive those who’ve wronged you. Let go.  In some instances,  you might have to accept an apology you didn’t  receive, or take the initiative to make amends,  even when wronged.  

Children aren’t concerned about who started the fire, they plainly put it out.  They may cry for a moment,  but that doesn’t last long.  Before you know it,  they’re back frolicking with the same kid next door. Talk about taking a page from their book.

4. Children are jovial and perky beings

For the most part,  unless you stole their cotton candy,  children are bubbly and vibrant.

Sure,  they don’t pay bills,  worry about their next meal,  or holding down the fort, you do. Nonetheless, never allow the anxieties of life to encroach on your happiness.

Learn to discern life’s beauty.  Find humor in the most serious dilemma. Accept that you won’t be able to control every single crisis life throws at you.  You’re responsible for your happiness. Whatever the odds,  just like children,  be happy and maintain that jovial smile.

5. Humility and lack of pride

Children will throw tantrums because that’s how they react to mini problems. For the most part,  their temperament remains mild and kind.

Learn from them.  With the exception of those spicy and fiery little ones, children are humble and might shy away or hide when they know they’ve messed up or done wrong.

What about you?  How do you react when you’re counseled for doing something wrong? Do you make every attempt to justify or rationalize your actions or do you own up to it? Maintaining self-control and a spirit of humility will open doors for you, don’t forget that.  

Children aren’t superhuman,  but they do display extraordinary qualities for their tiny age.  Learn from them.

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Children Aren't Super Human , But Here's What You Can Learn From Them

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