How to Have a Successful Relationship With A Man (Interview With Men)

How to Have a Successful Relationship With A Man (Interview With Men)
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In this written interview, we've provided women with the ammunition they need to learn how to have a successful relationship with a man. The contents of this interview explicitly highlight the thought process of our interviewees (all men) and vary depending on personality, culture, and disposition

In this written interview, we’ve provided women with the ammunition they need to learn how to have a successful relationship with a man. The contents of this interview explicitly highlight the thought process of our interviewees (all men) and vary depending on personality, culture, and disposition.

Men don’t always communicate what they want. While there are a lot of men around who cherish open and honest communication, some bury their thoughts away. That can make life difficult for women, especially when they want to contribute to the success of their relationships.

To give women a jumpstart, we’ve interviewed a few men, married and unmarried, to find out what makes their relationships successful or what a woman would need to do to contribute to its blissfulness. This interview, provided for women, shows how to have a successful relationship with a man.

How to Have A Successful Relationship With A Man

It’s of interest to mention that in this interview on how to have a successful relationship with a man, the names have been changed to protect the identity the men who unselfishly participated and made the article possible.

Their written responses weren’t modified but simply edited to accommodate seamless reading for our audience.  Do enjoy the insight.

Andre Morrison (Married)

Find out his genuine likes and dislikes. Discuss from the outset yours too. Be disciplined on what will and will not be compromised. Both individuals should be willing to make it work.

The woman should not be soft. Gift giving is always essential, regardless of how small. It doesn’t matter; it’s the thought that counts.

Always provide commendations and thank each other for even loving each other. Never take each other for granted and promote affection in the relationship.

If the man is sad, ask why but do not pressure him. When he has made known his despondent thoughts, offer suggestions but do not dictate what he needs to do. Show love whenever and wherever.

She should try to keep a pleasant face.  Never get upset and allow it to last too long. She should love it out all the time and sex is a therapy for happiness between the two.

The woman should also be mindful of what she wears at home. That could make him run home to her constantly. Attitude is key and the golden rule should be remembered. 


Kevin Davidson (Single)

She cannot be selfish nor materialistic. She shouldn’t be unkind not only to me but to everyone. She has to treat people well. Having standards is important. She must have a nice personality.  (Not only from my perspective.) She shouldn’t be thin-skinned.

She should get to the point when she has a problem. She als should not ask obvious questions. For example: If I left my socks at the door, she should not ask things like, “Did you leave this here?” It’s quite obvious, I did!

If she’s angry about something, saying ‘I’m fine’ won’t get us anywhere. She should be willing to resolve indifferences and compromise. Give me my space and not be too overbearing.

She needs to be industrious (not lazy). She cannot expect me to know everything. Even with the ‘manly’ things, she MUST be willing to learn e.g. changing a tire or oil on the van. In the event of an emergency, she should be able to help herself, even a little.

She should understand that men and women think differently and maybe, not all the times, but at least sometimes see what I’m saying.

WOW! I can’t believe I forgot this one! She must KNOW HOW TO COOK!”

Christian Ekim (Married)

The easiest way is to really get to know him, find out what makes him, and then you can use that as a platform to be supportive.

If the relationship is new,  most women tend to be difficult as they say they are testing to see if he’s real. They do this because they have been hurt before, but think about the guy who’s trying to get to know you. How do you know he hasn’t gone through his fair share of bad relationships and yet here he is trying again…

People say relationships are 50/50. I disagree. If you’re not giving your 100 then it’s not going to work, match each other’s efforts. Be supportive and listen to him when he speaks. You may not agree with what he’s saying, but still give him his chance with the microphone; let him have his say…

Couples should talk and not just about the things on the surface. Be willing to bare your soul so that your partner can understand why you act/react a certain way. That way they will be better able to love you.

One taboo topic that I see some women tend to shy away from is their past relationships. A guy will come clean and talk about all that he’s been through but women hold it back. Most times they say it’s the past so it’s not important. But, the past has a strong influence on the future. It shapes us into the person we are now and it does have a bearing on our relationships.

Christian women don’t like to talk about sex. Some feel that it shouldn’t be discussed. My question is, how do you know what your partner likes if you don’t talk about it?

‘He’s a Christian so once there is sex then he will be satisfied’. That is a dangerous misconception, and if not corrected, it could ruin even the strongest of relationships (who wants to eat fried chicken every day?)

Sex is important to men, and not just the one-off thing or the scheduled moments of intimacy. Be spontaneous and also adventurous; find out what he likes. What are his fantasies? Does he have a fetish? Is there something special that he likes? Once it doesn’t involve doing something that will involve a third party then be willing to give it a try, dress up nice, and surprise him…”

Mario Quarrie (Married)

For my relationship to be successful, the woman should be someone who compliments who I am.

I’m not very hard to take care of. Most things I can do for myself like washing, cleaning, cooking etc… She has to be someone who has a team spirit, we do things together so one party isn’t burdened with all the work.

We share our finances, so hers is mine and mine is hers. She must not hide things from me, be open, be herself.

The personality I saw in her when we met is the one I fell in love with, don’t change that. My wife and I work together as one and we’ve accomplished so much since we’ve been together that we couldn’t have done on our own.

She must be jealous over me. If I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t bother her, I’m going to think she has someone else. Jealousy isn’t the same as obsession, just as how Jehovah is a jealous God, that’s how she should be. She also must be content with what God has blessed us with.

I may not be able to buy her all she needs at once, but I want her to enjoy what we have.

My wife is natural, she doesn’t need makeup or accessories to look beautiful and I tell her every chance I get. She’s naturally beautiful and that’s what I cherish.”

Tevaughn Dolbie (Married)

To have success in any endeavor, one must first know oneself and try to come to a conclusion as to what constitutes success in a relationship. ( Since this may vary from person to person.)

Having defined success for herself, then she must search for men, who to the highest degree, fit that profile. The next step should be to ascertain whether she either fulfill his expectations or are willing and able to make the necessary personality changes to fit his expectations without giving up her own needs.

The second step would be to get fully acquainted with each other through dating and/or courtship.
These steps are necessary for success because they help to lay a solid foundation for achieving success.

Since a relationship is the integration of two persons working toward success, a woman cannot by herself make a successful relationship, she can only contribute towards it. It’s a partnership.

The next step would be to assess his life goals in the context of your own, in order to determine how best to achieve commonality of purpose. Once a common vision comes into focus, then a serious roadmap can be charted. Along the road to contributing to success as a woman, you cannot ignore the basic needs of the male of the species.

Men need to feel that they are responsible for their family as taking the lead in providing and protecting. Men need to feel that have enough space to enjoy time with other men, especially close friends or relatives.

Men need to feel that a woman will safeguard the relationship by not allowing outside interference from others, including parents.
Men want to feel that they are competent in intimacy and have large egos that need stroking.
Men need to have a woman that understands the difference between taking over the mother figure and taking charge of household matters.

A successful woman speaks her mind with grace, charm, and a subtle firmness that gets her message through.

Finally, like any product, the maker or manufacturer provides a helpful manual designed to give the owner the best opportunity to succeed in using the product. Similarly, if we take the position that someone causes us to be here, created us in other words, then we would do well to get his take on what makes a successful relationship. By incorporating his ideas and rules into the mix, then there would be a greater likelihood for success.


Romaine Miles (Single)

Well, she has to be herself at times, but not excessive. She should get to know me – my likes and dislikes. I’m not saying she’ll remember everything, but a man likes when a female does stuff that gets them nostalgic.

I like eating a lot of food so she should be opened to cooking and trying different types of meals.

Men are simple but they also want to try new stuff. We don’t always know how to put across these new ideas to our women. Hence, it’s important for women to discover what her man likes, especially sexually.

That’s one of the main reasons why men cheat. If they are getting it at home, it certainly helps but I’m not saying it will stop them from stepping out. Some men are just dogs who can’t be satisfied.

Some women like to have the last word, men hate that. Instead of looking down on us or using sarcastic remarks, a woman should let us know how smart we are instead. Also, she should tell us that we are right when we are dead wrong.

Clarence Burris (Married)

A man desires support from his wife (one that he himself cannot fulfill). He needs someone he can lean on when he becomes weak, to lift him up when he falls down, and soothes his emotional wounds. He also needs undivided attention.

There you have it. These men have spoken. We hope the insight or window provided into the minds and hearts of these men will help you to contribute to the success of your relationship.

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how to have a successful relationship with a man


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