4 Ways to Avoid Becoming Constipated

4 Ways to Avoid Becoming Constipated
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Adequate is the intense pressure around the anus to induce discomfort, burning and tears. A raging battle among the aged and young, constipation affects males and females. It’s not a taker of faces, but subtly attacks anyone resisting a warning. Common-placed among developed countries, constipation lurks about, seeking to devour anyone with a fiber-poor or absent diet. Have you been visited recently or in the past by this dreaded disorder?

What is Constipation?

The Intestine is a crucial medium through which food commutes. Think about a bus, transporting passengers daily from one location to another. The role of the intestine parallels such. While scurrying through the small intestine, absorption of the principal nutrients transpires. The refuse is then conveyed to the large intestine as what we call feces. Reliant on the speed in which the refuse travelled through the intestine, an intestinal disorder might occur. A rapid conveyance results in diarrhea, while the opposite (slow), constipation.

This intestinal disorder is then rightly defined as ‘difficulty in defecation’ or the ability to seamlessly pass waste from the body. Constipation is not without company, as the victim expels small, hard balls of feces and experiences a reduction in how often they defecate. Four or five times per week is subsequently reduced to twice or once.

To enjoy one’s freedom, comfort and extensively good health, avoiding intestinal disorder – constipation – is tantamount.                                                

How to Avoid Constipation

  1. Drink Adequate Supply of Water

The essence of life can be found in water. The same sentiments apply if you’re to flee from constipation. Drink an adequate supply of water throughout the day. This is especially important if you’re living in very hot or humid countries.  Drinking sufficient water will provide proper hydration for the body. On the contrary, if the body lacks water (is not hydrated), the large intestine is forced to extract water from your excrements, rendering them dry and difficult to release from the anus.

  1. Eat a Proper Diet

Making concession for a proper diet aids in combating constipation. This includes welcoming a healthy and bouncing diet wealthy in fiber. Dried fruits have proven effective in preventing constipation. Prunes and raisins are great options and are very effective as they are laxatives. Don’t forget to throw in your vegetables and fresh fruits. Whole grain bread should also be a favoured household item along with pasta or any other products derived from whole grains.

  1. Adequate Supply of Fiber Consumption

Not a fan of plant-based foods? They’re a necessary evil as they provide the fiber needed to prevent constipation. They are the sole foods available to convey feces normally through the intestine.

**Note: Constipation could be an early manifestation of colon cancer, an intestinal tumour. When constipation is encountered without evident cause or should persist, the aid of a doctor is warranted.

  1. Educate the Bowel

It’s rather uncommon to use natural or over the counter measures to combat constipation when it arises. Productive those elements may be in rectifying an acute problem; a chronic one requires much more effort. Preventing constipation is much effective when education is involved. The best education is training in making the best use of toilets at an early age. I’d like to call this ‘good toilet habits’. It’s highly consequential to deny your anus in making releases when nature demands it. Do not ignore these proddings as restrictions to defecate in a timely manner contribute immensely to constipation. Physical exercise also helps, so create a modest schedule to get in-tuned and stay active.

By ingesting an adequate supply of water daily, regulating your diet by eating healthy, consuming enough fiber and educating your bowel, you’ll see tremendous results and prevent constipation.


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