Essential Oil Journal: The Essential Oil Whiz Aromatherapy Journal Collection

Essential Oil Journal: The Essential Oil Whiz Aromatherapy Journal Collection
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Are you looking for an essential oil journal to document and store everything essential oil-related?

There are so many options to choose from, and with a quick search on Amazon, that will become apparent.

While there are many aromatherapy journals on the market, some lack functionality and may not carry the features you need in an essential oil journal.

The truth is, a single book won’t be able to contain everything you need, unless you run with a giant notebook, and customize the pages as you see fit.

But, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, buying a premade essential oil journal with prefilled areas can help you on your aromatherapy journey.

In this article, I talk about an essential oil journal collection that’s worth consideration. This collection is called The Essential Oil Whiz. Within this collection, there are different types of guided aromatherapy journals up for grabs. It all depends on what you need a journal to do.

Let’s look at each book within the collection, and then you can decide what best suits your needs.  

The Essential Oil Whiz Book 1: An Aromatherapy Journal to Document and Test Your Favorite Recipes

The Essential Oil Whiz Book 1 Cover

This essential oil journal was designed for seasoned and beginner aromatherapists and EO enthusiasts alike.

A major aspect of using essential oils is the recipes you’ll create. You need a centralized location to house these wonderful plant-based formulations. The Essential Oil Whiz Book 1 caters to this need.

The book comes fitted with 202 pages, with 200 dedicated for writing. One hundred of these pages are dedicated to documenting the essential oil recipes you create.

In addition to documenting your essential oil blends and recipes, Book 1 of this essential oil journal collection contains an additional 100 pages to test your recipes through case studies.

Book 1 was designed to help you heighten your aromatherapy skills. You don’t just create, but you want to test the efficacy of your blends, especially if you want to dive deep into the aromatherapy business and attract clients. When people come to you for help, you would have already had a recipe for a particular situation. This is because you would have been creating those blends and testing them.

Having this essential oil journal in your repertoire allows you to keep track of everything and find important formulations and notes when you need them.

Overall, the Essential Oil Whiz Book 1 allows you to:

  • Document and store the blends and recipes you create with guided information.
  • Test your essential oil formulations and record the process.

The Essential Oil Whiz Book 2: An Aromatherapy Journal To Track Your Essential Oil Collection & Document Their Benefits And Uses

The Essential Oil Whiz Book 2

Book 2 of The Essential Oil Whiz complements book 1 perfectly. While you record your recipes and case studies in book 1, book 2 allows you to store precious gems and things you learn about essential oils through your journey.

This is the book you’d want to take to class if you were taking an aromatherapy course, or simply navigating how essential oils work on your own.

Like Book 1, Book 2 contains 202 pages of pure goodness. When you open this essential oil journal, you are greeted with an inventory section where you can record all the essential oils you have within your repertoire.

In this section, you’re able to record the:

  • name of the EO
  • date opened (when you first opened your bottle of essential oil. This is when the oxidation process starts.)
  • usage status (how far in are you with using this EO. Is the bottle full, 90%, 70%, or less?)
  • expiry date (EOs have shelf lives. This section allows you to estimate when you can expect your bottle to go rancid.)
  • page # (you get to add where in the book you can find information about this particular EO. All the pages are numbered.)

Following the inventory tracker section, you’re given guided pages to add what aromatherapy products or essential oils you’d like to add to your collection. This is your wish list section. Here you get to put down all the things you’d love to acquire, and then work your way up to source them.

After your inventory tracker and wish list, the next section is where beautiful things happen. Most of The Essential Oil Book 2 contains guided sections you need to research and take notes on all the essential oils you have and want to learn about. In this section you’ll find:

  • EO name
  • Botanical name
  • Family
  • Extraction method
  • Aroma
  • Aroma intensity
  • EO Appearance
  • Note
  • Main constituents
  • Possible substitutes
  • Safety notes
  • Perfect blends
  • Benefits and uses (an entire section to go wild with your notes.)

These journals are perfect if you want to keep your stuff together and have your notes to look back to.

The Essential Oil Whiz Book 3

At the time of writing this article, The Essential Oil Whiz Book 3 has not yet been released. However, the creator has shared that the book will contain information about essential oil safety.

That would be a great way to end this collection of essential oil journals, as safety is a huge factor to consider when using essential oils. While they are extracted from plants, that doesn’t exempt them from harming others when used incorrectly and inappropriately.

If you’re interested in checking out The Essential Oil Whiz Book 1 and Book 2 aromatherapy journals, they can be sourced from Amazon.

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