Dealing With Burnout? Say A Big Fat NO!

Dealing With Burnout? Say A Big Fat NO!
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Ugh, “I have so much to do.” We’ve all had those days. If you haven’t, are you wonder woman or sum’n?

This life is just too much work for you not to be tired, stressed, and fed up. How can you deal with a demanding job, home life, and the typical affairs of the day?

Say NO! Yes, you’ve heard me. A big fat NO!

How does that help?

You’re not a machine, even though you’d like to be. I’ve frequently heard that hard work befits more work, so once you’re reliable and efficient, people will also throw tasks at you.

How do you dodge those? “Ahm… No, not today”. It’s that simple.

Most cases of burnout stem from having too much to do. It’s time to clear your plate. Allow someone else to get things done. Delegate if you must, but never be afraid to say No, especially when you already have too much to handle.

If you’re a freelancer as I am, you might think saying no to clients might come as a huge blow. It doesn’t have to come to that. Calmly and respectfully say no and then explain why you wouldn’t be able to assume more tasks at the moment. To supplement, saying ‘no’ could mean doing it at a more convenient time. Ask for a few more days or a longer period.

What about work at the office? Apply the same principle but be more mindful. Is your employer asking you to work additional hours, even when you’re already exerting yourself?

You may need to sit and have a frank but respectful chat. Your employers employ your skills, not you. You’re responsible for what happens to you. I’m not sending you on a rebellious streak, but you need to take charge of your affairs and take care of you.

Learn to say ‘No’, it’ll make your life less complicated, stressed, and tiring. Being burnt-out is no fun. When you’re stressed, your family is too. Learning to say ‘No’ is not bad or wrong, it could save your life.

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