How to Keep Bugs Out Of The House in Summer – 7 Tips to Create a Bug Proof House

How to Keep Bugs Out Of The House in Summer – 7 Tips to Create a Bug Proof House
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It’s hard to create the ideal home when you have to contend with pests, especially during the summer period. However, it’s not impossible. The tips considered in this composition provides a few suggestions on how to keep bugs out of the house in summer that you can use to create a bug proof house.

Climatic conditions affect a considerable number of pests. Some are more active during warmer periods than others. The ‘warmth’ of the time accelerates their life cycle, making their population increase. Because of their activities, they tend to be more problematic for homeowners during the summer periods.

As these summer insects invade your home, they’re likely in search of food, water, shelter, or have encountered an entrance. To pest-proof your home this summer, it’s best to remove their ‘WHY’ or reason for entering your home.

Removing a single scenario from the equation is sometimes enough to keep bugs out of your home during warmer periods, but in most cases, you’ll likely have to implement several pest control techniques.

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How to Keep Bugs Out of The House in Summer

You probably have your hands full dealing with pests all year round, but this summer, because they’ll increase in numbers, you’ll have to step your efforts up.

Did you know? Like mosquitoes, no see ums will be active during the summer. Frequently Asked Questions About No See Ums

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclaimer

Keep Doors and Windows Closed Or Install Meshes

What happens when your front door is left open, and you’re off to enjoy a well-deserved vacation? Unless you have ridiculously awesome neighbors who are constantly on the lookout for you, you might get back to an empty house. An open door is like an unsolicited invitation to burglars.

The same can be said about bugs this summer, or any season, for that matter. When you leave your doors or windows open, you’re pretty much-telling insects and bugs to come in and have a food party.

You don’t want that, right?

This method of controlling insects this summer is simple – practice to keep your doors and windows closed. But, it’s summer, so why would you (or anyone, for that matter) want to close your doors and windows all day, every day?

It’ll be a sauna in there.

But, there’s a fix for that. Instead of closing all your doors to keep bugs out of the house, you can install a mesh system. No, you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to install a mesh system.

We live in modern times and most products are designed for you to DO IT YOURSELF. Magzo adjustable window screen does just that. They allow you to install a window system on your own to keep bugs out. The screen nets can also be used on doors, so there’s no need to shop for another item. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, right?

But, what if you have a window and door mesh system in place for ages but they’re damaged? No, you don’t need to replace those systems; simply repair them. By.RHO has a nifty screen repair kit that’s easy to use and efficient. Again, you can do it yourself.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and crevices. Summer bugs use these almost inconspicuous openings to invade your home. They might be difficult areas for you to access, but not by bugs.

Common bugs that enter your home through cracks and crevices include ants, bedbugs, centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, and others.

Sharing your home with these freeloaders isn’t an option; hence, it’s time to patch those cracks and crevices to create a bug proof house.

Great Stuff has a big gap filler insulating foam sealant that does wonders for cracks larger than an inch. You can use this sealant on metals, masonry, drywall, glasses, and some plastics.


Lay Desiccant Dust in Dark Areas

Even sealed areas aren’t impenetrable. Insects will always find a way into your home if they wish to. To create a bug proof house, you have to ramp up your efforts.

In addition to sealing cracks and crevices, laying desiccant dust is a viable and effective option. Why? When ants enter your home, for example, and come in contact with desiccating dust, it’s possible that they take back some of that dust to the colony. This would undoubtedly affect every other ant that comes in contact with the infected one.

Desiccant dust varies. You may be familiar with diatomaceous earth that was previously used in treating bed bugs or silica gel. Choose what works for you.

A bug proof house should be personal so use the options that best suit your needs.

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Cover Shower Drain Stopper When Not in Use

Bugs crawling up the pipes into kitchen sinks and bathtubs have received extensive debates. Some homeowners, even after encountering insects like centipedes (not the house type, by the way) in the kitchen sink and bathtubs, doubt that it can happen.

However, it’s a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out. If you’re curious about the type of centipede that may crawl up your drains, do a bit of research on Scolopendromorpha (also known as tropical centipede). 

To prevent insects like Scolopendromorpha from entering your home through your drains, practice covering those areas when not in use. You may already have shower drain stopper plugs at home, so this method should be seamless.


Tropical-centipede- Bug Proof House

Scolopendra subspinipes is a species of centipede. The native range is uncertain. The certain natural range is Meganesia and Indomalaya. The species is also found on virtually all land areas around and within the Indian Ocean, all of Tropical and Subtropical Asia (including Russia), South and Central America, and the Caribbean. Source.

Remove Shrubs, Mulch, and Cut Lawn Often

Unless you’re into the habit of gardening, you do not need to have mulch or compost in large quantities. Mulch and shrubs can harbor insects and bugs around your home. Once they’re in large numbers outdoors, they’ll most likely stray indoors for food, water, and sometimes warmth.

Practice to keep your lawn nicely cut and trimmed. That way, you’ll not be unintentionally harboring insects in the summer. This is a superb way to create a bug proof house.

Remove Breeding Sites

Mosquitoes will be a thing of the summer. Like no see ums, they breed in large numbers under ideal conditions. They love water sources. To remove mosquito breeding sites, get rid of standing water around the home. Mosquitoes will likely lay eggs in these areas which will later hatch into larvae.

It’s also important to treat water sources that you cannot cover or remove entirely. Larvicides are very effective solutions to treat standing water.

Did you know that burning some citronella-scented candles may keep mosquitoes and other flying insects at bay?

Practice Proper Sanitation and Organization

Keeping your home clean should be a daily practice. However, not every homeowner has their stuff together. Some days the house will be messy and that’s understandable.

To lighten the load, it’s important to keep your things organized. If you don’t have a lot of hours to spend on house cleaning, hire a maid. If that’s also too much, you can take cleaning in small stages.

For example: Could you put back items in their respective areas after using? Could you wash the dishes immediately after eating? Is it possible to spend at least 10 minutes daily organizing and disinfecting specific areas of the home, like your bathroom?

It’s not easy to maintain a household, but if you are to create a bug proof house, it’s an important consideration.

When you practice proper sanitation at home, you’ll be keeping insects such as cockroaches, ants, flies, and others at bay.

This summer will likely make you cry because of bugs, but if you follow the steps mentioned in this article on how to keep bugs of house in summer, you’ll at least get some relief and create a bug proof house.


7 Ways to Bug Proof Your Home

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