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11 Bible Study Techniques for a More Fulfilling Bible Reading Experience

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Are you looking for effective Bible study methods to get more from your Bible reading? Studying the Bible can exert a great impact on your life. However, it’s not always easy to study. Instead of viewing the adventure dauntingly, use these Bible study techniques highlighted below to guide you while you take this journey. 

For many, the Bible is not just a ‘good’ book; it’s a compass detailing how to live and deal with others. It is a special book that has the power to change lives, help resolve personal and common family problems, and draw closer to the Creator.

To benefit from God’s wisdom, reading and studying the Bible requires time and dedication. It also includes developing good study habits.

With the right Bible study techniques, you’ll be able to dig deeper into the deep things of God, develop godly qualities, and live a fulfilling life.

11 Bible Study Techniques for a More Fulfilling Bible Reading Experience

By using the effective Bible study methods highlighted in this article, you’ll become a keen student of the Bible.

Read to Retain, Not to Cover Passages

A goal of yours might be to read the Bible within a year. However, reading the entire Bible is one thing, but studying is another.

If you wish to study the Bible, the right way, pace yourself. Do not read a number of chapters per day, only to later forget what was read.

That brings us to the other Bible study techniques.

Read and Meditate

To meditate means to “engage in thought or contemplation.” When you read the Bible, take pauses to think about it or ponder on the things read.  

Meditation allows you to not only digest the information, but look at ways to make application.

Study What Appeals to You

Many people fail to study the Bible because completing it seems daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Be selective. It’s okay to be moody and read what appeals to you at the moment.

Ask yourself: What do I hope to achieve from reading the Bible? Am I looking for information to solve a particular problem? Do I want to get better acquainted with Bible characters? Do I need to find out the meaning of a prophecy?

Study the Bible based on what appeals to you. Choosing what appeals to you at the moment has proven to be an effective Bible study technique. That brings us to the next method.

Read the Bible Topically or Based on Subjects

The Bible is a huge book. Even though it’s not necessarily written chronologically, it is topical or subject-based.

If you want to learn how to live a happy family life, there are scriptures for that. If you’re looking for information on money or time management, there are also scriptures for that.

Are you looking for information on how to choose the right entertainment? There are scriptures for that too.

When you study the Bible based on topics or subjects, it becomes more transparent and provides a cohesive backdrop that you can learn from.

Choose an Appropriate Time to Study

Bible study is more effective when you choose an ideal or appropriate time to get it done. It’s easy to get distracted. Resist the urge to study with your wireless or data service turned on. You might be tempted to jump at every notification that pops up. Bible study time should be quiet time.

When is it more appropriate for you to study? Could you do it after everyone has retired to bed? Could you get up early in the mornings to get a fresh start?

Choose a time that works for you and not against you.

Keep a Notebook to List Important Details  

Unless you have a photographic and perfect memory, always have a notebook on hand when studying the Bible.

Don’t just use a random notebook. Set aside a book that will only house your Bible study notes. This is to ensure that you have everything in one place and you can easily refer to them when needed.

Use a Bible Study Tracker to Record and Keep Track of Progress

A Bible tracker is very handy. It tells you where you are in your Bible reading and what you’ve learned from your previous study sessions.

A Bible study tracker can also highlight areas in which you need to improve. Your tracker will let you know if you’re slacking off on your Bible reading and study program.

Look out for Lessons

If you’re reading the Bible and it does not impact or influence your life, you’re doing it wrong.

When you read the Bible, look out for ways in which you can benefit or apply the information to yourself, not someone else. Your goal should be how to improve in godly qualities.

You may choose to ask yourself questions such as: What does this account teach me about God? How can I use the information when dealing with my spouse? Am I fully applying what the Bible says? Do I view things the way God does?

Rather than focus on memorizing every single detail of a Bible account, focus on the lesson to be learned.

Read in an Undertone

The Psalmist saw how important it was to read in an undertone. Read in such a way that you’ll be able to hear yourself. That way, you’ll be able to think about the expressions you come across while you read.

Use Technology at Your Disposal

Technology has made Bible reading and study easier. If you’re always traveling, can you use your smartphone to listen to audio files?

While most people choose to read and study the Bible at the same time, it can be done separately. For example: If you have a busy and demanding schedule, could you listen to the Bible being read using an app while you commute but then meditate on the passage you listened to during your quiet time or when you get home?

Get Help or Do Research

You won’t readily understand everything you read from the Bible, especially prophetic messages. Could you get help from someone who’s more experienced or could you get access to books and resources that’ll lead you in the right direction?

We all need a little help at times. Be humble and seek help from reputable sources. (Matthew 7:7)

You can also use your Bible’s cross-reference to clarify expressions and accounts you find difficult to grasp.

If you want to benefit immensely and find joy in reading the Bible, go ahead and implement these bible study techniques. Many people have used these effective Bible study methods to reap success.

However, with everything you do, always add your personal touch. Think about creative ways to make Bible study more interesting and fulfilling. That way, you’ll look forward to studying your Bible ever so often.

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